Friday, December 24, 2010

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A Reflection on Drama-Loving Islam (Part 2)

(Read “A Reflection on Drama-Loving Islam [part 1]”)


A reader of Free Thinking Lebanon sent me the link of the video below after reading my post “Lebanon: it can’t be 2010?!”. He wrote:

“[…] This link is for a funny video of a guy faking a cry during Ashura celebration. I hope you’ll enjoy it”

I watched the video and it is hilarious. I’m not sure, however, if it is during a Ashura celebration; it looks like a funeral to me. But who cares? The clip is still funny as hell.

All religious ceremonies contain some sort of drama; and when taking part in these rituals and celebrations, some religious folks become really emotional and the dramatic behavior they demonstrate is in deed honest. However, many of these “spiritual” reactions are simply FAKE, Watch how the cheikh (in brown), in the video below, reacts once he spots the camera!


Drama Loving Islam

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