Friday, January 7, 2011

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iPad App Review: SketchBook Pro (with Pogo Stylus)

apple_ipad_2I know this is an out of subject post but a few days ago I read a post on Atheist Revolution, reviewing the application Dropbox, and I thought what the hell I’m loving my iPad too and all its apps, so I decided to write about some of the apps I’m using. This said, “iPad App Review” will be a new segment on Free Thinking Lebanon; and in this post I will talk about Autodesk SketchBook Pro: a drawing/sketching application on the iPad.

This application is definitely worth the $7.99 I paid for it on iTunes, and here’s why.SB PRo

I am no artist nor graphic designer; and I can honestly tell you that I’ve always been bad at drawing! However, a couple of weeks ago I needed to create a cartoon character for a business logo. It was around Christmas of last year and I had already gotten my iPad. So I was wondering whether the iPad could be used as a drawing pad and it turned out that it could. I browsed many drawing apps on iTunes and decided to give SketchBook Pro a try—after reading a lot of good reviews.

pogoIt took me almost an hour to familiarize myself with all the controls—which, considering the fact that it’s an iPad app, are quite remarkable. However, trying to sketch with my fingertips felt really awkward; and for someone who’s bad at drawing, it made it even more difficult. I tried to Google whether there is a special Stylus which could be use with the iPad and I found out about the Pogo Stylus; I went out the next day and bought one.

Drawing on SketchBook Pro using the Pogo Stylus is really easy and professional at the same time. For someone who considers himself a terrible artists, I was able to create a lot of nice sketches, including the cartoon character for my logo (see pictures below).

As a conclusion, I recommend SB Pro to anyone looking for a professional and easy to use sketching application to turn the iPad into a drawing pad (there is also a PC and Mac version of Autodesk SketchBook Pro).  



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