Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Michel Hayek: 2011 Predictions in English

(This is a continuation post of “Nostradamus of the Middle East” )

Below is the list of the 2011 predictions of Michel Hayek, which I have translated to English. Some of these “visions” might not be clear to non-Lebanese readers. However, the technique used in duping the public can still be spotted in all these predictions. I have also included a video of the full interview (in Arabic).


  (Watch Part 2)


The list of the 2011 predictions by Michel Hayek (translated into English):

-The Lebanese University will be the scene of bickering and division and some scandals.

- The name of General Fayez Karam will not be forgotten in jail.

-A positive public demonstration after an unnatural  event.

-The Palastinian scarf will be seen on the shoulders of many people worldwide.

-The Road from Bkirki to Harisa will be watched by global and local eyes.

-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be surrounded by a medical team.

-The March 14th political movement will take the initiative to contain a particular crisis.

-Number of investments will be channeled into the medical sector.

-What happened in Deir Al-Zour is the beginning of interventions and violations.

-The Israeli position not to apologize to Turkey will not remain the same; and there will be positive signs for Ankara.

-The “Ain Alaq” incident will be repeated through a terrorist attack to avenge the killing of Abdel-Rahman Awad.

-The UNIFIL in Lebanon will need something like "UNIFIL" to avert a crisis.

- The Lebanese media will be busy covering incidents related to the National Council of Information and the Minister of Information.

-A relation of some sort between the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.

-Those who believe will be the heirs of the Free Patriotic Movement and to MP Michel Aoun and will face internal problems, and some will leave the movement.

-Leadership of the Egyptian actor Adel Imam will face threats.

-The emergence of a political figure in a manner supported by public opinion.

-A division of opinion regarding an art work displayed during the month of Ramadan, which faces a dead end.

-Incident related to the Lebanese TV Channel “MTV”.

- The Island of Rabbits in Tripoli and the surrounding area will flourish.

-Sports victories will take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Intense pressure from certain parties to prosecute the singer “Amr Adib”.

-Rebellion of the church in Lebanon.

-A counter-reaction turns into a coup in one of the Lebanese municipalities.

-Storm blowing on both Pakistani government and people.

-A memory of the tunnel between Cheka and Koura is brought back.

-The Pope faces some crisis personally.

-A change in the case of actress Susan Tamim in terms of court and sentence.

-The next Prime Minister of Lebanon will not be from Beirut (the capital of Lebanon).

-A popular demonstration will take place in which everyone will be wearing one uniform.

-The traditional dancing group Caracalla will present something new.

-Rumors and some incidents will take place on the TV show "Star Academy”.

-A high ranking Lebanese military personal will receive a bribe, and he will start issuing threats.

-A controversy surrounding Imad Mughniyah.

-Qatar’s recent openness to the world will be the cause of a breach in national security.

-One of the United Arab Emirates will be busy with security issues related to one of its skyscrapers.

-One of the three [Lebanese] presidents holds a sentimental speech.

-The Kingdom of Jordan contributes to resolving some complex disputes.

-The emergence of a historical document linked to one of the three heavenly religions.

-Important developments in the Israeli-Palstenian case.

-Panic in the alleys of the refugee camp of “Ain al Helwe”

-Some “cleaning” and firing of personnel in the Lebanese Judiciary system.

-The Iranian opposition will lose one of its most celebrated figures.

-For the first time, rocket bases will be planted in the Arab world.

-Gaza is the triumphant party of the blockade.

-Political problems will be the main issue for Bill Gates, and not Microsoft.

-Darkness looming over Coptic Church.

-The structure of the Government of Israel will not remain as it is today.

-The Al Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque will be the top worries of many world leaders including Barack Obama.

-Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah will be seen in a certain public display/demonstration/show.

-The role of the Syrian woman emerges in the Arab World.

-The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make a scene in front of the camera.

-The name Vladimir Putin will keep Russia and the world busy.

-Setbacks in the plans of French President Nicolas Sarkozy

-A certain Lebanese family will keep on facing tragedies.

-One of the Arab countries’ will face a tragic accident.

-A certain tragedy will join for the first time Israel with surrounding countries.

-Some members of Hezbollah will face an internal incident which includes arms.

-Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh will remain in his position despite some hard problems.

-Some of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s risky activities will exposure him to some incidents.

-Mohamed ElBaradei returns from his battle early.

-Some areas in Syria receive their well deserved historic and aesthetic titles.

-The composition of the new Iraqi government will not remain the same.

-Egyptian military forces will be on high alert to stop certain insurgencies.

-A very dangerous situation will take place in the Lebanese International Airport.

-Natural disasters will take place in Lebanon.

-An emergency meeting will be called for inside the Saudi royal family, and new youthful spirit will be added to the government.

-Incidents in the streets of Tehran, will remind the world of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Al-Khomeini.

-An Arabic figure will face the same fate as Imam Moussa al-Sadr.

-The emergence of the “hunt for terrorism” in Europe.

-President Barack Obama receives popular affection which will help him evade a crisis for a certain period.

-Abu Dhabi will in deed be prosperous.

-Some European countries will be in a certain dispute with Israel.

-Women Rights in Kuwait will be given; and one political figure will face some problems.

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