Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Beirut Montage: Political Street Art

It may not be the most colourful or artistic street art in the world, but it packs a strong political punch. Frustrated, angry, desperate, funny, informed and profound, this is a montage of Beirut street art circa May 2011.

A sprayed and barbed wire wall around the AUB; loads of graff around here. The fact that knowledge and learning needs to be kept behind a military-style wall says a lot about the city.

Pure vandalism that begs to be photographed.

"Wake Up and DreAm" Anarchism - look it up if you aren't clued up.

Owls: They see in the dark, a common metaphore for people who understand truth in times of propaganda saturation and widespread misinformation.

A dig at sports fans I think - sports being a major tool of distraction as far as some people are concerned.

Beirut would be better if... Society was looking after this woman a little better. She might not have to sit on the street all day every day trying to sell gum for pennies.

The owls are everywhere...

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