Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Wacko of the Day #2 – Bryan Fischer

So much buzz surrounded the sad death of the great Christopher Hitchens. From the controversial Twitter Hashtag #GodIsNotGreat—which reached the top ten trending topics, but was removed after complains from christian users—to the many blog posts related to the subject, different sentiments were expressed. However, one video stood out from the lot, which compelled me to write this post.

Hence, today’s “Wako of the Day” title goes to Bryan Fischer, host of the radio show “Focal Point” on American Family Radio—and complete pinhead. In the video below he claims the late Christopher Hitchens was sent to hell by god as a demonstration of his love for him.

Listen to his argument in the video below; and once you do, I’m sure will understand the reason I chose him as today’s WOTD!


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