Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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A Post Of Acknowledgment

354973036_a9466152e9_oEvery person who has ever started a new personal blog—a serious one—knows how much effort and time it takes to launch one and maintain it. Those of you, who are considering creating a new one, need to be aware of the great amount of dedication in order to make such a project work. But don’t be discouraged because, if you ask any blog owner who has succeeded, it is worth every second of hard work you spend building YOUR blog.

My personal experience was not different. Looking back at the first couple months, I can still remember the obstacles I faced trying to make it between the already successful blogs. I tried every tool available for bloggers to promote their work. Sometimes I even considered giving up; but I really glad I didn’t.

Then one day, a twitter user whom I started to follow, followed me back, and started retweeting my tweets. Then on May 19, 2010 I was surprised to read a blog post on this guy’s personal blog; a post inviting his readers to check out my own blog! He claimed it was a decent attempt that needs a little encouragement. 

This guy to whom I am greatly in debt for of his genuine support of Free Thinking Lebanon. This great person who goes by the handle vjack (@vjack); the man behind one of the best Atheism and free thinking blogs out there: “Atheist Revolution”.

vjack this post goes to you buddy for all the good things you’ve been throwing at me for the past couple years. Thank you. Cheers!

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