Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Disarming Hezbollah, a clearer perspective!

"Lebanon allows Hezbollah arming"

This news is circulating just now on the net and it is truly sad to read such biased news, by some of the most renowned media today (especially the "anti-terrorist" media), always portraying the issue in a pro-christian anti-muslim way(when in my fact they are both as dangerous and responsible for worldwide political unrest).
I would like to give a clearer perspective on the idea from a point of view of Lebanese citizen.

It is of no doubt that the party of Hezbollah is a very dangerous group of religious fundamentalists who are a permanent threat to the stability of the local region as well as the world. However there is one extremely important and inescapable reality that should be taken into consideration, it is the fact that Hezbollah is also a political party integrated into the Lebanese government and supported by the Shi'ite community (which is the majority of citizens). The problem is deeply rooted in the sectarian-based government (which has been the case for years) and it is not an issue that can be resolved overnight by the single decision of the President.

Parties opposing Hezbollah in the current regime are well aware of the seriousness of the issue and are working alongside the UN and other countries in order to find a solution that would spare Lebanon another civil war. Lebanon hasn't recovered yet from the June 06 war with Israel and to take an abrupt decision of removing Hezbollah's arms by force in a time when Israel has its troops in offensive stance, right at the southern border, and risking both an internal and external conflict will send Lebanon into oblivion. Have we already forgotten the outcomes of irresponsible and religiously guided wars?

Just take a look at one of the posts discussing today's news It is a christian news website. And maybe now after you've read the above you might be able to deduce why president Suleiman (who ironically is one of the few unbiased Lebanese politicians) has claimed "the government cannot ask Shi’ite guerilla group Hezbollah to give up its arms at a time of heightened Israeli tension and before agreement on a national defense strategy was reached."

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