Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Impotent vs. Omnipotent: which one is god?

Funny Impotent God "Shit"I stumbled upon three articles today that made me ask myself “is god losing some of his powers?” It is apparent in his own people’s lack of confidence in him and in his superpowers. Take a quick look at the articles in case you are not familiar with the stories: “Guns in Church Bill Dies in La. House” , “Thieves Steal War Memorial – The Cross in the Mojave Desert” and “Swede cartoonist Lars Vilks attacked”.

Let’s start by the first one. I mean come-on you guys, can’t god at least defend his own house? He who created the whole Universe and everything in it, needs YOU to keep a concealed gun inside the church for security purposes? Where is your faith in him now? Or is it that you prefer not to take the risk when it comes to “real” situations?

In the second article you might wonder why doesn’t the church or the Christian community asks god for the identity of the thieves instead of the police? Doesn’t he know everything? Can’t he miraculously make an impression of the name or face of the culprit in the clouds or on a burnt toast? Or is it a busy time for him now with all the nuisances caused by the Pope?

After reading the third article, which of course didn’t come to me as a surprise, I wondered why didn’t the prophet file for a complaint directly to god and asked him to smite Vilks instead of letting his people avenge him?

Both Muslims and Christians believe that one of god’s many magical powers is Omnipotence – well at least this is what they’ve always claimed to believe. Are the people of faith starting to have second thoughts now or has it always been the case?

“I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence”Doug McLeod

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