Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Syrian Day of Anger Limited to Facebook

(This is a follow-up post to “Will the Revolution Reach Syria?”)


Post 2Friday’s headlines and tweets were packed with highly emotional news on the latest protests in Tahrir square dubbed “departure day”. However, nothing significant was being reported on the demonstrations that were supposed to take place in Syria that same day—around 15:00. According to many Syrians, tweeting live from their country, the unanswered calls of the “day of anger” echoed in the empty streets of Damascus; the Syrian anti-government protests were limited to the virtual world—Facebook.

Since the main focus of the media was Tahrir square, I had a hard time following-up on the what was happening in Syria. I was able, however, to stay up-to-date via the two hashtags #Syria and #Feb5.

I have gathered a list of links to the only worth-mentioning news snippets related to the “failed” Syrian demonstrations:

- Possible internet cut-offs in Syria:

- Syria blocks Facebook:

- Security was tightened in Syria in fear of contagious riots:

- Photo of empty square, where demos were supposed to take place:

- Human Rights Watch urge Syria to free activist who called for demos:

- Syrian supporters of Egyptian demos were assaulted by gang:

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