Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Twitter in Lebanon

FollowLebanonI’ve been using Twitter (@Eli_FTL) for almost a year; and until last month most of my friends, followers, and people I follow were not Lebanese. Last January, I started to stumble upon blogs of fellow Lebanese bloggers which  I really enjoy reading today. I had always wondered why there aren’t many Lebanese Tweeps around; it appeared that I wasn’t looking very well, and that their numbers are growing everyday.

I started following a couple interesting Lebanese tweeps which themselves pointed me towards others. However, I would really love to follow and be followed by many more Lebanese Twitter users. For this reason I am proposing a Twitter hashtag #FollowLebanon for all Lebanese tweeps to use in order to point to folks they know from Lebanon, and at the same time follow this hashtag in order to meet new tweeps.

I am calling all Lebanese Tweeps, who are reading this, to post at least one Twitter update with the hashtag #FollowLebanon, including the Lebanese Tweeps they know. Also it would be helpful if you could include them in the comments to this post as well.

I will start this, hopefully trendy hashtag, with a post of mine. So please start following #FollowLebanon, and help building a bigger, and well connected Lebanese community on Twitter.

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